Engage & Retain

Stay Interviewing & Coaching

Stay interviews are conducted after your employee is hired and settled into their position. We help you get honest feedback about their experience, thus resulting in you taking decisive action to keep them. The number one benefit is by focusing on what your employees are saying, the action that you take will not be wasted effort.

1/2 Day Workshop

Stay interview guide

Shadow interviewing

Analysis & Reporting

Exit Interviewing & Reporting

We enable you to understand why your employees are leaving. By utilizing a discovery methodology, we allow you to remain objective when reviewing the feedback. This is your chance to learn about what you are doing right and what ways you can improve. 

1/2 Day Workshop

Exit interview guide

On-site facilitator

Analysis & Reporting

knoME Software

The knoME Software will help you build meaningful relationships with your employees by implementing transparency. The software will help you foster the conversations that matter. We exist to help you retain loyal employees. 

Understand employee impact

Increase manager to employee transparency

Easily identify when employees are stuck

Transparency/Communication workshop